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Boo and Bears' Hustlers club - where ambitious people hustle together.

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Weekday Hustles

We hustle on Boo and Bears Twitch channel from 9AM - 9PM (GMT+8). We work with the Pomodoro technique. 4 sessions timed at 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks. Then 30 minute breaks every 4 sessions. The Discord is open 24 hours every day.

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Motivational Mornings

Every morning, we start the day with some motivational talk and motivational material. This will get us ready to kicktsart a productive and rewarding day at school and at work.

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Weekend Hustles

We do hustle on Saturdays. Sundays are off days. Times may vary. But the Discord audio channel will be open for 24 hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

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Free Stuff and Treasure Chests

We hope in the days to come, we will be able to provide you with e-books, podcasts, courses, audiobooks, apps and a learning centre that are all being developed. Of course, surprises are a must too.

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Discord Audio/Video Chat

We can work together and chat during breaks on the Discord server of ours. We can chat with audio and also video for all to enter.

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Workaholics United

All of us here in the Hustlers Club are working our asses off to build cool and awesome things. We hope with everybody encouraging each other, we will all succeed.


Best Hustlers Club on the Planet

The realm of our wildest aspirations lies just within our grasp. We strive with unwavering diligence, burning the midnight oil to bridge the distance to our objectives. Whether we sleep little or train hard, we never lose sight of our aim.

For when we stumble, and we surely will, we fall with thunderous force, only to rise from the ashes, grab the reins, and speed towards our destiny with a ferocity that knows no bounds.

Our time is fleeting, but we use it wisely, channeling our efforts, actions, and mindset towards the prompt realization of our visions. We recognize the value of self-care, of rest, of exercise, and of slumber.

We know that with perseverance and dedication, nothing is beyond our reach. The day will come, the day will arrive, and our dreams will come to fruition.

Enlist in the ranks of the BB Hustlers Club, where we fiercely combat for our aspirations.

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