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Please allow less than 2-3 business days or less for delivery. FREE delivery for orders over RM300 and above.


FREE delivery to WeWork EQ co-working space only.


FREE Pickup at WeWork EQ.


Need a classic treat to brighten up your workday?


Look no further than our Classic Butter Cupcake - the cupcake that'll make you feel like a boss in the office.


Made with only the finest ingredients, this cupcake is a testament to the power of simplicity.


Each bite is like a time machine that'll transport you back to the days of childhood birthday parties and sweet after-school treats.


And with its fun and playful design, this cupcake is sure to make your coworkers jealous and your workday awesome.


So go ahead, indulge in a Classic Butter Cupcake and show the world who's boss.


Who needs fancy desserts when you have cupcakes this awesome?


FREE delivery to WeWork EQ co-working space only.

Classic Butter CupCake

SKU: CC-002
Order and you will get it in 4 hours. Preferably 6 cupcakes or more. Delivery is RM20 flat rate for as many cupcakes as you want. FREE DELIVERY for RM200 worth of cupcakes and above.
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