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Please allow less than 2-3 business days or less for delivery. FREE delivery for orders over RM300 and above.


FREE delivery to WeWork EQ co-working space only.


FREE Pickup at WeWork EQ.


Need a chocolate fix to power through the workday?


Our Chocolate Overload Cupcake is the ultimate indulgence that'll satisfy even the strongest of chocolate cravings.


Made with premium cocoa and loaded with chocolate chips, this cupcake is like a chocolate lover's dream come true.


Each moist and decadent cake is topped with a creamy chocolate frosting and finished off with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.


And with its fun and playful design, it's sure to make your coworkers envious and your workday amazing.


So why not treat yourself to a Chocolate Overload Cupcake and take your taste buds on a wild ride?


Who needs stress balls when you have cupcakes this satisfying?


FREE delivery to WeWork EQ co-working space only.

Chocolate Overload Cupcake

SKU: CC-004
Order and you will get it in 4 hours. Preferably 6 cupcakes or more. Delivery is RM20 flat rate for as many cupcakes as you want. FREE DELIVERY for RM200 worth of cupcakes and above.
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