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This is a total of 3 cookie jars. You can choose between Classic Butter and Heavenly Chocolate Chip cookies.


Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. FREE delivery for orders over RM300 and above.


FREE delivery to WeWork EQ co-working space only.


FREE Pickup at WeWork EQ.


Oh my goodness, have you seen that mountain of cookies in the break room?! It's a sight to behold!


Picture a towering heap of cookies, piled high on a platter, threatening to topple over at any moment.


Chocolate chips, sprinkles, and frosting galore!


It's like a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. But here's the thing: nobody seems to know who brought them in.


Was it the new intern trying to make a good impression? Or maybe the boss decided to treat the team to a surprise snack? It's a mystery that's left the entire office buzzing with excitement.


People are gathering around the table, gasping in amazement at the sheer size of the cookie pile.


There's some good-natured arguing over who gets to pick the first one, but eventually, everyone agrees to take turns and share the love.


As the day goes on, the cookies start to disappear, one by one.


Some people are sneaking extra ones when they think nobody's looking, while others are proudly displaying their frosting-covered faces for all to see.


The sugar rush is real, and it's making everyone a little bit loopy. But you know what? It's moments like these that make working in an office fun.


A shared love of cookies can bring even the most disparate group of coworkers together, if only for a brief moment of sugary bliss.


And who knows, maybe the mystery baker will reveal themselves one day and bask in the glory of their delicious creation.


Until then, we'll just keep snacking on this heap of heavenly goodness.


A Heap of Cookies

SKU: CK-B-001
Price Options
Weekly Recharge (B)
Butter Cookies Subscribe & Save (50%)
$36.00every week until canceled
Weekly Recharge (C)
Chocolate Chip Cookies Subscribe & Save (50%)
$46.00every week until canceled
Monthly Recharge (B)
Butter Cookies Subscribe & Save (25%)
$54.00every month until canceled
Monthly Recharge (C)
Chocolate Chip Cookies Subscribe & Save (25%)
$69.75every month until canceled
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