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Daily Boo and Bear's - 22 October 2022

We had been around for more than 1 year on Twitch when we got serious about it. We started streaming almost daily in March 2020 when the pandemic hit.

It's now October 2022. 2 years have passed. We have accumulated 800 followers. But our community is slowly growing with less than 5 regular viewers. Unlike most channels, we have not been able to retain viewers who will come to every single stream. We've even tried to recruit our own immediate family to visit. But they, too, cannot visit every single time we stream.

So, the struggle is real. We've heavily promoted our channel on our fronts, including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

You name it. We have done it all.

But nobody wants to come to our channel.

Today is the 22nd of October 2022. I don't know how we will get more people to join our channel.

Maybe we are not entertaining enough, good enough or don't have the luck to be a good 10,000-viewer-strong channel. But we are still dreaming and working towards that.

I don't know whether it is going to happen.

Many people get stuck at just 1 viewer for years and don't go anywhere.

Will we suffer the same fate as that?

Today, we went to a stream that has over 93 viewers. The stream just started a few months ago, and they have already gone beyond the number of being a Twitch Partner. We have been streaming for 2 years, and we got an average of 5 viewers a stream.

Now... the easiest way is to quit altogether. But why try when we are going nowhere? Why even continue doing this when so much heartbreak is attached to it?

Are we even doing the right things to get to where we want to be? For example, 60,000 viewers like xQc receive every day?

We won't be swearing. We won't be talking bad to viewers. Should we compromise our ethics to be like xQc? Even if we do, I've seen many people follow his path and not go anywhere still.

It's tough times, and we aren't getting the numbers.


We will do what we can to keep improving and getting better every day.

I think that's all we can do.

To strive to make ourselves better every day and know that the numbers will come one day.


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