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Boo and Bears January/February 2023 Updates

Hello everyone!

We will run through the months of January and February to highlight the many things that are happening. Here they are in no particular order.

BB Hustlers Club Daily Meet

BB Hustlers Club is starting to form properly. We want to gather cool peeps that want to work hard towards their dreams and goals. We meet every day. Mondays to Saturdays, we hustle on the Boo and Bears Twitch channel from 2 PM to 7 PM Malaysian time. On Sundays, we hustle from 3 PM to 5 PM. Other times we are still hustling but not on stream. Any additional time we can hustle on our Discord server.

BB City Driving

I've been playing around with the idea of driving for hours as I pick up passengers and having the time of my life driving all around town. I tried streaming a drive yesterday, and it was awful reception as my stream kept going offline. So I'm thinking about a delayed broadcast and monitoring chat, like what Bear will do for her baking.

BB Bakers with Bear

Bear is starting to bake for BB Kitchen. That is so that people can see how she bakes. After much experimentation, she should have delayed broadcasts. So she will be able to concentrate on chatting and not multitask, which brings much frustration to her.

BB Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New year is just around the corner, and we hope to make this Year of the Rabbit more special. We have a few plans for the New Year on the 22nd or 23rd. But we are going to continue streaming on these 2 days. So come see what we are up to as we stream at least 12 hours a day playing games, watching stuff and plain relaxing and chilling with everyone.

BB Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is happening on the 14th, and we will not be streaming then. But we will share the photos we take during our Valentine's Day date. It's a day of romance and love. So we'll just be spending some private time together. Now, what is the surprise I want to give Bear this year? I'll have to do my homework.

BB Gaming Weekends

As usual, we will be playing Fortnite. But these 2 months, we will play Gotham Knights, Cyberpunk 2077 and DragonBall which are on the list. We still need to find out how much time we will spend playing games. But we are going to do the next thing on our list.

Travel and Outdoors Weekends

We want to spend time outside and not gaming all the time. So, we hope we will be visiting parks, going to tourist attractions and enjoying the outdoors during the weekends.

That's all the updates for this time. I hope to provide more updates in time to come.


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