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28th April 2022 Boo and Bears Daily #1

Today, I start the Boo and Bears daily blog. It's a recap of what happened during the day.

The Story of the Pissed Bear

When we entered the WeWork building today, we were stopped by security and asked to turn off the camera. The reason is that the place was near the bank and that if caught on CCTV filming, we would be in trouble. Bear showed no signs of anger. Until we started streaming and talking about it.

Fortnite Daily

Today, I continued playing Fortnite for the 3rd day in a row. I levelled up quite well and continue to increase my rank by 2 to 3 levels every day. I tried hard to get a Victory Royale. But I always come close to getting it but finished 2nd. Twice today.

I feel that I should always follow my gang of squad peeps. That I should always go one on one. If there are many people, I should run as fast as I can away from the gang of enemies.

I like using the shotgun that doesn't need to reload that much. There is one that I need to reload with each shot. The damage infliced should be pretty good if I need to reload for every shot.

DuoLingo Daily

Today, I failed to finish up a crown. There are four levels to getting the crown. I managed to get to level 3. One thing is for sure. Things seem easier and easier every day.

Talk Show & Podcast Daily

The Johnny Depp defamation case has been playing out in recent days. We have seen a lot of drama and really interesting facts that have surfaced. I thought Amber Heard sued first in the talk show. But upon further reading, it is Johnny suing Amber for defamation. Sorry. I was not aware of that.

We also talked about the SOPs that are now more relaxed. It is better now that we don't have to wear masks outdoors. Walking and wearing a mask is very suffocating.

We also talked about Elon Musk and his Twitter takeover. Elon should buy McDonald's and give us all free ice cream. That's something that came up.


This is the very first day of our Boo and Bears daily blogging. Every day brings with it adventures and stuff that we didn't plan. Unscripted TV is always the best.


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