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21 October 2022 - Daily Boo and Bear's

Today was a giant reset after some time away from Twitch. We were really considering shuttering operations for good here on Twitch. But we then thought otherwise as there are still many supporters on the platform. So we wanted to move to YouTube. But then there are many things that YouTube does not have compared to Twitch, and thus, we decided that.

We should stay.

There is a lot of work to build this channel, and I'm putting in the work. Boo is doing most of the stuff because it's something that he loves to do. Bear is there to cook, bake, sing and play some games. But the rest of the brunt is all on me. I'm not complaining. It's just not her thing to do all the social media and video editing. So that's why I'm taking up most of what needs to be done. It's okay. I'm used to being the teammate that does all the work. It's my lot in life.

We will play Gotham Knights for the first time tonight, and I will be able to download it by 1AM Malaysian time. People have been raving about storytelling and action. But I know there are bugs and that it runs at 30 FPS. But I don't care. I'm all for it as long as the game is engaging and addictive in this open-world action RPG.

I will be up till late morning before I go to sleep.

It will be a good rest of the day and the early morning of 22 October 2022.

I plan to play all the Batman games I have after this.

It's going to be SO FUNNNNNNN.


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