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17 January 2023 Boo and Bears Daily - How to Become A Better Human Being

We are continuing to hustle on a daily basis. Bear is happy baking while I am working at the office, writing, dealing with social media, blogging, creating podcasts and having a load of time learning what I need to learn.

We are constantly hoping that the more work we put in, the more luck we are going to get. It’s very simple. If we keep overdoing and overcommitting, there is just going to be lots done and that my friend will help us get to where we want to go faster.


We need to take breaks, meditate, hydrate and exercise as these are the basics of getting more energy during the day.

To become a better human being, these are some tips as to how we can do so.

There are many ways to become a better person, but some common practices include:

  1. Practicing empathy and understanding towards others

  2. Setting and working towards personal goals

  3. Practicing self-reflection and self-improvement

  4. Helping others and giving back to the community

  5. Learning from mistakes and taking responsibility for one's actions

  6. Developing good habits and breaking bad ones

  7. Practicing gratitude and positive thinking

  8. Cultivating healthy relationships with friends and family

It is important to remember that becoming a better person is a lifelong journey, and self-improvement is an ongoing process.


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