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Want to work with Boo and Bears to create a better college experience for our Twitch channel viewers? Drop us a message so we can get back to you ASAP. See how we can collaborate on projects together to make the world a better place. Want to feature us on your show , magazine, website, radio or anything more exciting? Feel free to contact us too. We are waiting patiently for first contact.

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  • What is Boo and Bears Twitch?
    The Boo and Bears Twitch channel is here to provide maximum productivity and edutainment to all our viewers. We have 5 different worlds that you can join in our broadcasts. They are Boo and Bears Hustlers Club, Boo and Bears Kitchen, Boo and Bears Gaming, Boo and Bears Music and Boo and Bears Chores. Join us to build an excellent college life and life in general for yourself.
  • Who manages Boo and Bears Website, Blog and Social Media?"
    We hope that we can afford to create a team of cool and excellent people to manage all of the above. But for now, Boo and Bear is hustling hard to get all the above properly managed.
  • How do we support Boo and Bears?
    You can support Boo and Bears on Twitch by subscribing to our channel for as low as USD2, provide gift subs to our viewers and cheer us on with bits. We also accept donations in the panel on our Twitch page. We would love to get as much support as possible. So that we can thrive and make Twitch a better place for people like you!
  • What is the Boo and Bears Blog?
    The Boo and Bears Blog is where you can expect to get the best information available about the topics that concern college life and beyond. We strive to make it a place for you to explore the many topics of interest to all our blog readers starting with people from college.
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