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Boo and Bears Subscribers

Subscribe to Boo and Bears Twitch and enjoy some seriously awesome benefits

We love all our Twitch viewers.


Whether they come once or they decide to stay to be friends with us, we are cool with that.


We want to form a community of peeps that love to be chatty, make friends from all around the world, and people that chase after their passions. We believe that we should chase after our dreams no matter what. 

We at Boo and Bears would like to create a place for all these people to mingle and become friends.

If life gives us the opportunity, we should work super hard to realise our goals. Thus, to be a subscriber is to be part of this community of people we are trying to build. 

We all have our full-time jobs. So we can hangout out on the Boo and Bears Twitch Channel, or if you are in the office, you can be in the Discord channel to message us all. Those that can speak can be in our voice channel too. 

Being a subscriber means... being part of this dream of bringing the best of us all together as humans to enjoy the company of each other, chatting, joking and laughing.



Maybe we can all come together to play games, be there for each other and make life happen. That is beautiful. If you have mental problems or have many life issues, we are here to hold each other's hand and walk together towards a better and more fulfilling life. 

Subscribe to Boo and Bears if you believe in the good of humanity and of course, yourself too.

Monthly Specials

We make goodies each and every weekend. Foodie Goodies can only be distributed to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor residents. Rest assured, we are planning and making goodies for people worldwide.

Discord Subscriber Access

All the action to work and study together is all on the Discord server of ours. Come and join the growing community of cool and awesome peeps.

YouTube Video Early Access

We release videos on YouTube every week. We will post up the new videos on the Discord subscriber channel.

Monthly Newsletter Email

In our newsletter, we highlight life hacks, new games, and how to live life happier each day. Of course, we'll be telling you what is in store for you at the Boo and Bears Twitch channel too. Promise.  

New Friends

Our community is all about meeting new peeps and becoming friends. We hope a lot of cool and awesome people will soon join the Boo and Bears FamBam. That's happening real soooooon.

Future Goodies

There are tons of goodies in the works at the Boo and Bears labs. We want to add more value to your subscription and give you all the happiness a Twitch channel can offer. 

Hey guys! We want to bring you all that we can with your subscription. If you have any suggestions and feedback as how we can make your sub better, please do send us an email to

Thank you so much!

Subscriber Benefits

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