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Boo and Bears Kitchen

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About Boo and Bears Kitchen

Welcome to Boo and Bears Kitchen

At Boo and Bears Kitchen, we offer delicious cookies and cupcakes that are made with love. We understand that life is busy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to enjoy a sweet treat every once in a while. That is why we created Boo and Bears Kitchen! Our cookies and cupcakes are made with the utmost love and care and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. We use only the highest quality ingredients and we strive to make sure that our customers are always satisfied.

Why Choose Boo and Bears Kitchen?

When you choose Boo and Bears Kitchen, you are choosing a family-run business that cares about its customers. We know that our customers are our number one priority and we strive to always put customer satisfaction first. We also offer competitive prices and a wide selection of cookies and cupcakes so that you can find the perfect treat for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a gift, or just a treat for yourself, you can find it at Boo and Bears Kitchen.

Order from Us Today!

We invite you to come to Boo and Bears Kitchen and experience the deliciousness for yourself! Our cookies and cupcakes are made with love and we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

You can get orders right to your doorstep. You can order from us through our website with subscription options, or you can get your cookies and cupcakes from GrabMart. It's just a few clicks away!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Image by Rai Vidanes


Cookies are a source of energy that is best for consumption in the afternoon with your daily cup of tea, coffee or milk. Kids love cookies. So do adults. They make the best snacks around and we are delivering them to your doorstep. YAY.


Subscription Box
(Coming soon!)

The Boo and Bears Subscription Box is where you will find not only cupcakes and cookies in them. But also cool merchandise that changes with every month's theme. Expect the unexpected. Surprises are aplenty with our boxes. We can't wait to send them to you!

Image by Conor Brown


Cupcakes are great for people of all ages. We pack the best ingredients into these little fellas to make sure you are more than satisfied, wanting more. Every month, we change the flavours and the recipes. So that you won't get bored with them. 


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