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Boo and Bears Class

Boo and Bears Class is an online academy that focuses on helping teens and young adults develop the skills they need to succeed in life, both academically and personally. The academy offers a range of courses and resources designed to help students discover their passions and interests, and to learn how to make the most of their time and energy. By encouraging experimentation and exploration, Boo and Bears Class aims to help students identify what they enjoy most, and what they want to do in their future careers. In addition to providing a supportive learning environment, the academy also fosters a sense of community and friendship among its students.

We will be launching some time end of  2023. So stay tuned!

Tik Tok Generation Classes

Looking to improve your life as a teen or young adult? Look no further! Our online academy offers a ton of classes designed to help you succeed, including personal development, academic skills, and career exploration. But it's not just about learning - you'll also meet new friends and like-minded people along the way. Join us and let's make your journey through life a little easier and a lot more fun!

Google Classroom

Get ready to join the adventure on Boo and Bears Class, now conducted on Google Classroom! Expect to embark on exciting journeys with your classmates, as you explore the world and learn new things together. From fun activities to engaging assignments, there's never a dull moment. Join us and let's create unforgettable memories and friendships!

App ( Coming Soon)

Introducing the Boo and Bears Class app - the ultimate tool for teens and young adults! Not only will you be able to earn rewards from your parents for being productive and doing well at school, but you'll also pick up valuable skills along the way that can earn you money to pay your parents back. It's a win-win situation - learn, earn, and succeed with Boo and Bears Class!

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